Judgement Day

Thomas Siebert / G DATA CyberDefense

This talk is about a criminal operation involving malware. It will include information about the technical background of the malware, as well as the events that lead to the arrest of the group and the following legal proceedings.

As the legal proceedings are still ongoing, further information will be given only in the talk.

Organizer’s note:This abstract reveals limited details as, for operational and legal reasons, not everything that will be included in this presentation can be disclosed at this moment. The researcher provides us with the full confidential details and that were the basis of the presentation’s selection.

November 8 at 16:00 - 16:45, Stage A

Thomas Siebert graduated 2010 from Ruhr-Universität Bochum with an engineer`s degree in IT Security. Afterwards he started researching novel pro-active malware detection technologies at G DATA. During that time, he became co-inventor of the patented BankGuard technology and the USB Keyboard Guard, leading to G DATA receiving the 2014 “Innovative Cyber Security Company” award by the EU sponsored IPACSO. Now he serves as Head of Protection Technologies, leading the research, development and enhancement of all techniques that protect G DATA’s customers. This includes the signature engine, protection cloud, pro-active client technologies, and all associated backend processing like sandboxes and automated classification systems. With years of experience in the international field of computer sciences, he regularly presents his work on conferences.