Call for papers

AVAR was founded with the objective of countering the spread of malware and mitigating its impact. With that in mind, the main theme of the conference will be:

Hacker versus counter-hacker: From retribution to attribution

This theme is meant to be wide-ranging, and may be interpreted in the widest sense of those terms. The theme allows coverage of many aspects of security, from the deeply technical (rootkits, kernel hacking, APTs) to more high-level considerations, such as returning to the "Root Reason" our industry exists – fighting malware and cybercriminals, and educating consumers.

Topics can include:


  • Botnets and malware
  • APTs/Rootkits
  • Network detection
  • Red-teaming
  • Mobile devices
  • IoT
  • Machine learning metrics

Incident response

  • Monitoring and detection
  • Information sharing/Threat Intelligence
  • CSIRT maturity
  • Incident analysis/handling
  • Cooperation (tactical and operational)
  • Coordinated vulnerability disclosure
  • Case studies


  • Law enforcement: Legal aspects, cross-border collaboration
  • Risk management: Public-private partnerships, organizational structures
  • Supply chain: Responsibility and liability

Strategic issues

  • Cybersecurity and economic growth
  • Implementing international cybersecurity strategy
  • Future scenarios: Cyberespionage and future economic impact
  • Role of government: Cyberespionage & future economic impact

Human factor

  • Offenders
  • Victims
  • Social engineering
  • Insider threat
  • Education and training

Research and innovation


  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games threats

But any topic with relevance to "Hacker versus counter-hacker: From retribution to attribution" will be considered. Law enforcement papers are especially welcome.

There will be a series of 30- and 20-minute presentations spread over two days.

Submission details

Abstracts are due on Monday 19th August 2019 and should be between 200 and 500 words in length and detailed enough to judge the content of the final presentation. At the time of submission, please indicate if your presentation will be 30 minutes or 20 minutes, should the submission be selected.

Submissions can be sent to

If accepted, at least one listed author must register to speak at the conference. We will not accept proxies for speaker registrations.

Authors are obligated to submit a final paper; the deadline will be announced at a later time.

Waived or reduced registration fees

For each selected submission, the registration fee will be waived for the first listed speaker. With a 30-minute presentation, a second listed speaker will be able to register at the early-bird rate.